30 startups | 13 are entering or are on brink of clinical stage of development now
2 with published clinical data. 17 in pre-cliical or lab studies.

29 of 30 startups based on same bioelectric and biologics core IP.

Heart & Cardiovascular
Team that developed leading cardiovascular stent graft, first percutaneous heart valve and first heart stem cell therapy has developed 8 cardiovascular and heart-related organ regeneration startups. Second Heart Assist expects to complete first-in-man study in 30 pts by spring and to exit. Only competitor on USA market now reached $21 billion valuation this year. Vascustim is entering U.S. clinical studies for diabetic ulcer treatment. PressureStim is planning clinical studies for blood pressure management in China. AortaCell is ready to launch aorta regeneration studies at U Virginia – core team previously captured world leadership in endovascular aorta repair. BioLeonhardt completed a small animal study at U of Utah and is now moving to large animal studies at Texas Heart Institute for total heart regeneration.

Cosmetic & Personal Care
7 startups all at clinical stage of development. MyoStim ED published first study this summer with 85% success compared to 0% for placebo group in treating erectile dysfunction. A new study with more signals is underway with target of 100% in target treatment group. HairCell launched clinical trials in South Africa targeting 30% improvement of hair density. Samumed a San Diego based competitor reached $12 billion valuation for 10% hair density improvement. TestiStim has patent issued and pilot data for testosterone management. SkinStim launched clinical trials in the USA and has interested acquirer already. DentaCell has data from numerous centers and is developing a full product pipeline. OrthodontiCell believes it can reduce time for straightening teeth by 2/3rds and his clinical trials now. Align Technology the leading competitor reached $30.9 billion valuation this year. Stem Cell Bra is launching clinical trials in South Africa after achieving 20% to 30% breast fullness volume increase in 4 weeks of treatment in large animals. At least 3 exits are expected in 2019.

Major Organ Regeneration
12 startups focused on major organ regeneration. OrthoStim is entering clinical studies for knee and joint recovery in the USA. BladderCell is entering clinical studies in Brazil. The incontinence market is valued at over $4 billion with no full recovery solutions at this time. EyeCell completed a grant supported eye regeneration animal study in Utah. LiverCell and KidneyCell are entering animal studies in Pittsburgh. The other startups are in development stage. BioLeonhardt Whole Body is designing a whole body regeneration chamber, a womb for adults, and is filing a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research grant application. Wave is addressing the major women’s health initiative of development and effective treatment for endometriosis. 2 exits are expected in 2019/20.

CerebraCell is entering animal studies for brain regeneration at McGowan Regenerative Medicine Institute in Pittsburgh. Team already published matrix brain recovery studies now will study bioelectric stimulation plus matrix.

CancerCell is entering animal studies for bioelectric cancer treatment. Multiple patents issued and more pending. Patents for reading cancer tumors and custom delivering therapies. Pulsed Biosciences and Novocure recently reached $500 million and $2 billion valuations respectively with their bioelectric cancer therapies.

Use of Proceeds by Startup

> BioLeonhardt – heart regeneration = $1,000,000
> AortaCell – aorta regeneration – $400,000
> BioPace – biological pacemaker regeneration – $300,000
> Valvublator – heart valve decalcification and regeneration – $700,000
> VibroCell CoroStim– vibrational energy to prevent clots, plaque, calcification – $400,000
> Vascustim (formerly MyoStim Peripheral)– limb blood flow improvement – $300,000
> Second Heart Assist, Inc. – circulatory assist pumps – $2,300,000
> PressureStim – bioelectric blood pressure control – $600,000

Major Organ Regeneration
> EyeCell – eye regeneration – $200,000
> PancreaCell – pancreas regeneration – $200,000
> RegenaLung – lung regeneration – $100,000
> LiverCell – liver regeneration – $200,000
> KidneyCell – kidney regeneration – $200,000
> EarCell – ear hearing regeneration – $100,000
> BladderCell – bladder regeneration – $200,000
> InStim – bioelectric inflammation management – $300,000
>. OrthoStim – bioelectric and biologics joint recovery – $200,000
> BioLeonhardt Whole Body Regeneration – Whole body regeneration – $300,000

> CerebraCell – brain regeneration – $1,000,000

Cosmetic & Personal Care
> Stem Cell Bra – breast regeneration – $550,000
> DentaCell Accelerator – dental gum regeneration + tooth pulp storage + more – $300,000
> OrthodontiCell – bioelectric teeth straightening acceleration – $200,000
> SkinStim (formerly MyoStim Skin) – skin regeneration – $300,000
> MyoStim ED ErectiStim – bioelectric erectile dysfunction treatment – $300,000
> HairCell – hair regeneration – $250,000
> TestiStim – bioelectric testosterone management and infertility treatment – $100,000

Cancer Treatment
> CancerCell – bioelectric cancer tumor treatment + regeneration – $700,000

Reserved for new startups = $300,000

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