Our framework for driving growth and creating shareholder value = FOCUS on the right things.

1. Focus on new applications for our platform technologies.

2. Focus on the launch stage where we are most skilled and experienced.

3. Focus on gaining patents on pioneering technologies.

4. Focus on developing research collaborations with top tier institutions and individuals.

5. Focus on gaining opinion leader endorsements.

6. Focus on gaining positive press and trade show exposure.

7. Focus on gathering positive supporting data.

8. After first-in-man data is received on organ regeneration and recovery technologies seek a

strategic partner (or 10,000 subscribers for Regenerative Economy innovations)

9. Develop and nurture an innovation culture. Rapid prototyping. Try a lot of stuff and keep

what works. Constant experimentation. Do. Try, Fix, Try again.

10. Use profits from sales of quick to market Regenerative Economy products to fund antidilutive

development of longer to market Regenerative MedTech products and to cover


11. Minimize dilution by keeping overhead low. Focus spending on patents, product, people,

positive press, opinion leader endorsements and data; not on overhead. Do more with less.

Bootstrap even when we do not have to bootstrap.

12. Cross fertilize learning between organ specific applications of core platform technologies

= organ regeneration and recovery.