Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator

Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator focused on accelerating cardiovascular and social good impact innovations was formed in 2012 by Howard J. Leonhardt an inventor and serial entrepreneur – see bio   Leonhardt holds more than 20 patents for treating heart and cardiovascular disease.  He is most well known for the following inventions;  stent graft for aneurysm repair, percutaneous heart valve, cardiovascular balloon catheters, stem cell delivery catheter, stem cell compositions for repair of damaged hearts, heart pacemaker with capability to recruit stem cells to the heart, localized radiation delivery catheter, artificial lung catheter, device for converting stem cells to beating heart muscle cells and a stem cell recruiting bra.

Leonhardt Ventures is the primary backer of Cal-X Stars portfolio companies and the Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator itself and its partnered company The California Stock Xchange   Leonhardt Ventures has raised and put to work more than $145 million in more than 28 companies and innovations since it’s founding in 1982.   See most recent newsletter with a full update on Leonhardt Ventures an it’s portfolio companies.

The Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. offers a 12 or 15 1/2  (108 day) week startup launch program “Create to great in 108”  via its subsidiary Cal-Xelerator ( and directly 5 year accelerator programs.

The Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator 5 year program is focused on three specific areas:  cardiovascular products sold to cardiologists, breast tissue reconstruction and scalable social good impact companies that could be future listings on The California Stock Exchange, our anchor holding in the social good impact space.